Baked Chicken Parmesan + a review of Wildgrain Subscription Box

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Make a delicious Baked Chicken Parmesan over fresh made fettuccine noodles in a tasty marinara sauce. Then serve it with a loaf of fresh baked bread from Wildgrain.

A plate of Chicken Parmesan with 2 pieces of bread on the plate and a knife and fork next to the plate.

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I don’t know about you but in the winter I like to make comfort meals.  I need a warm, comforting dinner and baking them in the oven just helps to warm up the entire household.  It also lets the delightful scents of the meal disperse throughout the house.

One of my favorite things to make is pasta.   It’s an easy weeknight meal and it’s filling as well.  I can make a dish and have it on the table in 30 minutes without any problem.

Whenever I have pasta I like to have bread with it.   On the weekends I’m able to spend time making breads and rolls from scratch.  However, I don’t have that kind of time during the week because I’m a teacher.

That’s where Wildgrain comes in.  A Wildgrain Subscription box is a must have for anyone that loves fresh breads, pasta, and baked goods without all of the work. 

A woman holding two loaves of bread and a box of pasta.

Each box contains an assortment of sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries that can be baked or cooked in under 25 minutes.  That means I can have a fresh loaf of bread with my pasta in my 30 minutes time frame during the week.

One of my favorite easy to make pasta meals is Baked Chicken Parmesan.  It takes breaded chicken breasts topped off with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and bakes them in the oven.  Then it’s all served over top of hand cut pasta and marinara sauce.


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I generally buy bigger ones and then cut them down to the size I want.  One pound gives me 4 servings)
  • egg
  • breadcrumbs (I prefer ones with Italian seasonings in them for this dish but any breadcrumbs will do )
  • mozzarella cheese (I like to buy mine shredded but you can buy slices or even fresh mozzarella)
  • Parmesan cheese (Don’t use the grated cheese that comes in a can.  Buy some Parmesan that’s in the refrigerator section)
  • Marinara Sauce (I like to use a smooth marinara sauce.   If I have time I make my own but if not Newman’s is my go to marinara sauce.)
  • Fettuccine Noodles (I like to use fresh pasta like the ones from my Wildgrain subscription box but you can use dried pasta in a pinch)

The great thing about this meal is that I can put the sourdough bread in an hour before dinner and since it needs to cool 20-30 minutes it’ll be ready when the chicken is ready.  I usually do it this way so that I don’t have to preheat the oven twice. 

Pin Image:   A plate of chicken parmesan over top of noodles, text title, a cutting board with all the ingredients needed to make Chicken Parmesan.

To make the chicken I lightly dip it into the egg mixture and then gently press it into the breadcrumb mixture.  I try not too get too much of the breading on it as I only like a light coating on it.

I place the chicken on a baking sheet or in a baking dish and then top it off with both mozzarella and parmesan cheese.   The chicken bakes for 25 minutes and I can start on the pasta and sauce during this time.

Can I use a different type of noodles?

Of course!  I like to use fettuccine because it is larger and I get more sauce on the noodles in every bite.  It’s also much easier to pick up along with the chicken but any long noodle can be used in this recipe.

Can I make my own sauce?

Of course you can!   I like to make a huge pot of sauce and then portion it into freezer bags.  Then whenever I am making pasta I just pull out a bag, slice it down the side, and heat it up in a pot on the stove top. 

I have three main pasta sauces that are super easy to make and to freeze.

Can I freeze the leftovers?

You can certainly freeze the leftover pasta and sauce.   Simply place the pasta in the sauce and then place in a freezer bag.   The pasta can be frozen for up to one month.  When you are ready to enjoy it simply place the freezer bag in a bowl of warm water to partially thaw it then heat it up in the microwave or on the stove top.   I would not freeze the chicken once it is cooked.

A loaf of sourdough bread

You can also freeze the leftover sourdough bread.   Cut it into slices, wrap each slice in plastic wrap, then put it into a freezer bag.  Freeze for up to 1 month.  Remove from the freezer and toast the slices as you need them.

How do I store the chicken and pasta?

Store the chicken in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.  When ready to serve either microwave for a minute or two or reheat it in the oven.   You can store the pasta and sauce in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.  When ready to serve microwave for one minute. 

Store the bread in a paper bag or wrapped in a clean kitchen towel cut side down.  The bread will stay fresh for up to 3 days.  However, it is best toasted after the first 24 hours after baking.

To make the pasta bring a pot of salted water to a boil and add the pasta.   Cook according to the package directions then drain, reserving one cup of pasta water.

I always try to reserve a cup of pasta water in case I need it in the sauce.  It helps to thin out the sauce and makes it smooth. 

A plate of chicken parmesan over top of noodles.

I simply heat my sauce up on the stove top as well.  Then once my chicken is done I place a portion of pasta on a plate, put a piece of chicken on top of that, and then top it all off with the sauce.   Serve with a slice of fresh baked sourdough bread.

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This meal is so easy to make but it’s special enough to make for a dinner party or when having guests over.  No one can resist the smell or taste of fresh baked bread and no one has to know that it came in your Wildgrain subscription box.

I was really surprised by just how good the sourdough bread was.   I make my own sourdough bread and this one was every bit as good even though it was baked from frozen.  It was a total time saver, the outside was crusty, and the inside was soft perfection.

A loaf of sourdough bread with a slice cut off next to a knife.

Want to know what else is great about Wildgrain?  Right now you can get FREE croissants for life! That means that if you subscribe in February you will receive a package of free croissants with every order you make for life.   It doesn’t get much better than that! (Plus use code HezzidSave10 and get $10 off your first box!)

Curious as to what you will find in this months Wildgrain box?  The February Mixed Box contains:

  • Plain Sourdough Loaf
  • Rosemary Garlic Sourdough Loaf
  • Three Seed Slow-Fermented Loaf
  • Fettuccine Pasta
  • Tonnarelli Pasta
  • Cherry Pie Bites
  • Plus your free Croissants 

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A plate of Chicken Parmesan with a piece of bread on the plate.

Baked Chicken Parmesan

Yield: serves 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Make a delicious Baked Chicken Parmesan over fresh made fettuccine
noodles in an tasty marinara sauce. Then serve it with a loaf of fresh
baked bread from Wildgrain.


  • 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  • 1 c. breadcrumbs
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 c. shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 3-4 c. marinara sauce
  • 12 oz. fettuccine noodles


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray.
  2. Cut the chicken breasts so that you have 4 equal pieces of chicken.
  3. In a shallow dish combine the egg and the water. Beat until combined.
  4. In a second shallow dish combine the breadcrumbs, salt, and black pepper.
  5. Dip each piece of chicken into the egg wash and then lightly press both sides in the breadcrumb mixture. Place on the prepared baking sheet.
  6. Sprinkle each piece of chicken with half of the Parmesan cheese.
  7. Bake for 10 minutes.
  8. Remove from oven and divide the mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken breasts. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the internal temperature is 165 degrees.
  9. Meanwhile, heat the marinara sauce in a small pot over medium heat.
  10. Cook the fettuccine noodles according to the package directions. Drain and keep warm.
  11. To assemble divide the fettuccine noodles between four plates. Top each portion with a hearty scoop of marinara sauce. Place a chicken breast on top of the noodles. Divide the remaining sauce over top of the chicken. Sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese.
  12. Serve with slices of sourdough bread lathered in butter.


A Hezzi-D Original recipe

A plate of Chicken Parmesan with a piece of bread on the plate.


  1. Who wouldn’t love to get a box of carb-y goodness in the mail? Chicken Parm is my husband’s favorite meal, will have to give your version a try!

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