25+ Game Day Party Foods

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Get ready for Game Day with 25+ Game Day Party Foods including appetizers, dips, sandwiches, soups, and foods for the slow cooker.

15 fabulous Game Day Appetizers

Are you ready for some football?   Or hockey?   Or basketball?   No matter what sport you are gearing up for if you are like me you need to not only think about the game but about the snacks you will be serving while watching.  

Whether you are watching the game at home with your family or you are having a game day watch party the food is super important.   I’m usually not one to have a meal while watching sports.  I want something that I can just graze on while watching. 

I never know how to keep food warm during the game, help!

I like to make things in the Instant Pot or slow cooker so that I can keep them warm for several hours.  Just turn either one down to low and keep soups, chili, or hot dips hot during the entire game!

How do you keep buns from getting soggy when serving burgers or sliders?

I never put the burgers or sliders together prior to the game.  I’ll make the burgers and keep them in the oven on low and then put out the buns and a topping bar.  If I’m making French dips or pulled pork I leave the meat in the slow cooker and put the buns next to it so they don’t get soggy.

How do you keep cold dips cold?  I’m always afraid to leave them out!

My secret is to find two bowls, one bigger than the other.   Fill up the bigger bowl halfway with ice. Place the dip in the smaller bowl and set it on top of the ice in the bigger bowl to make a small chiller.  This will keep your dip cold for hours!

So if you are like me you’ll be cooking up a huge spread of party food perfect for watching football.   Game Day staples always include appetizers, dips, soup, and sandwiches so I’ve gathered up my favorite football party foods from my own blog and my favorite food blogging friends!

So what are you waiting for?   Get ready for Game Day with this awesome list of party foods!

25+ Game Day Party Foods

From dips and snacks to burgers and chili, I've got all the recipes you need for Game Day!


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